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Most photos can be digitally repaired,

restored, manipulated, enhanced, etc. 

using a variety of digital techniques. 

Just a few of the possibilities include:

• Restoration and repair of old or damaged photos
• Lightening or darkening photos
• Background replacement
• Color correction and removing color casts
• Digital cosmetic surgery
• Combining people or objects from other photos
• Removing people or objects from photos
• Photo collage
• Special effects and creative techniques
• Conversion to black and white or sepia tint
• Special digital framing effects
• Adding text
• Removing red eye
• Colorizing



Minor Photo Restoration $29.95
• Remove minor stains, dust, or scratches
• Remove "red eye"
• Repair minor cracks, creases, or tears
• Repair slight fading or discoloration


Moderate Photo Restoration $39.95
• Repair moderate discoloration or fading
• Repair damaged or missing edges
• Remove moderate scratches or tears
• Repair moderate water damage
• Repair creases and partially torn photos
• Repair or add background


Severe Photo Restoration $49.95
• Repair severe discoloration or fading
• Reconstruct missing pieces
• Repair severely damaged edges
• Repair creases and torn photos
• Repair or add background
• Repair severe stains or photos stuck to glass
• Reconstruct facial damage


Additional Services - Prices vary.
• Add or remove backgrounds
• Change elements of pictures
• Remove objects or people
• Create individual portraits
• Colorizing

before and after images of irish turfpeddlers  
Contact me: Fred Gilbert  
restoration of image of two boys  
restoration of family image  
Restored image of a WWII Spad airplane  

Contact me: Fred Gilbert

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Digital Silversmith is a photo restoration service that takes great care and consideration in the job of repairing and fixing your photographs.  Whether vintage or new, your family photographs are unique and special.  Therefore, time and effort is given to your photo to ensure that the final result of restoration or enhancement meets or exceeds your expectations.